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As an IT professional in my former life, one of the most time consuming and annoying aspects of my job was to maintain the antivirus server in our environment.  This was never a fail safe process, you either had definition files that were out of date, or computers out there that had somehow strayed from your sight.  And forget it if there was an outbreak of some kind after you had convinced management to drop a small fortune on this solution.  Clean up of these types of events cost countless hours of, in my case, unpaid overtime to clean or reformat computers and get users back up and running.

Enter the Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud version.  No longer do you need to maintain hardware that will be outdated in a few years.  Gone are the days of hoping that your server is up to date with it’s protection files or checking everyday to make sure your update tasks are running. Symantec has made it easy to deploy software to your clients either through their web portal or via an Active Directory deployment file.  Once installed, that’s it.  The client runs pretty much the same way as the premise based version.  For the administrator, life is much easier.  All of your tasks are done in the cloud and the updates are taken care of automatically.  If there’s a problem, they email you to let you know what needs to be done.

If you are fed up with the misery of maintaining your AV solution, give me a call to discuss the solution.

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