We at Neo Dataworks recently deployed 19 new Wireless access points to a client’s warehouse. This represented a complete overhaul of their wireless infrastructure. The deployment took a total of two days for installation and about a day’s worth of time to set up and configure the network. Meraki with their state of the art cloud management solution makes the configuration and ongoing management very easy. We were able to configure an SSID to support their legacy equipment that only connected via the antiquated WEP method, and we also configured a new WPA2 SSID for all new equipment moving forward. As an added bonus, we also created a guest SSID that is completely separated from the internal network allowing them to give internet access to guests without exposing their internal information.
Next up is their Las Vegas warehouse which will get a deployment of six new MR16s to replace the entire wireless network there. The previous access points which were at least 8 to 10 years old, were only manageable by web consoling into each one to configure the settings. Now, all 25 will be manageable from one location, the Meraki cloud.
If you have a similar need to upgrade your wireless infrastructure due to hardware incompatibility or general failure of your current old equipment, please consider the Meraki solution. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss the options.

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