Networking and Security


A properly designed, well maintained and effective network should be invisible to the end user.  Plug it in and it works, is the motto we try to live by.  This of course, is easier said than done, but the hard work up front of implementing a new network solution, will pay off tenfold down the road.

Have you outgrown your network due to the use of the wrong equipment such as switches and routers made for home use?  Often, businesses cut costs and corners by implementing these solutions that were never meant to operate a robust, multi-user environment.  The problem is, changing over a large network can be a daunting task.  We can tailor a solution that fits your needs and most importantly, your budget.

With a properly functioning network, the world of communications can open up to offer many time and money savers such as Voice over IP(VOIP), Fax over IP(FOIP), video conferencing and many other productivity tools that will help your company grow in the future.

Multi-Site Deployment

Do you operate your business out of multiple sites?  If so, are they all connected to help you fully utilize all of your resources?  We can do this simply and securely, allowing your users in New York to access the file server in Iowa.

Wireless Made Easy

Cut the time and cost of wireless deployment dramatically.  Cloud based management allows for simple and quick wireless setup and configuration before the equipment even shows up at your door.  Then, you just plug in and you’re done.  Within minutes, the configurations that you setup are downloaded and your network is up and running.

Secure the Perimeter

No one is safe from online predators.  They seem to sniff out any hole that may exist in your internet facing devices.  If you are connected to the internet, you are at risk, period.  Don’t leave the task of protection up to a $50 firewall that was given to you by the internet provider.  Our devices can help you lock your users and network down tight to prevent any data loss or unauthorized access.   Don’t let your first line of defense be your weakest.

Connect All Your Stuff

The network fabric in your office is more important than you may think.  Many flat switches, the ones typically purchased for $100 at Best Buy, will not keep up with the speeds of modern day requirements.  Do you suffer from slow performance during peak hours of the day?  We have switching solutions that are fully managed, meaning you know what’s going on where and when.  On top of this, they are managed from the cloud meaning no more console cables or trying to find that laptop with the serial port.