Managed Services

Managed Service Provider

We now offer a robust solution for clients who want full time protection of their server and workstation environment.  Whether your network is five or 500 workstations, our remote monitoring tool, NDRemote, keeps an eye on any or every one of your devices.

We manage this all through our cloud based support solution that is constantly updated by all clients in your environment.  If a device fails to check in, we get an alert and remediate it, most times, without the client even knowing there was a problem.  We can provide several levels of support, from basic monitoring for non-critical workstations, all the way up to 24/7 critical server monitoring.  Other types of services available are:

  • Antivirus support – Make sure all devices are covered and up to date.
  • Patch management – We enforce policies to keep all Windows clients up to date with patches.
  • Software and Hardware Inventory – Know what is running where as well as the age of your fleet.
  • Predictive failure notice – We can catch that hard drive failing before it does so you don’t lose data.
  • Critical server monitoring – Making certain that your servers are up and operational when you need them.
  • Firewall, printers and many other devices can also be monitored.
  • Software deployment – Get everyone up on the same versions of browsers and other common business software.
  • Unlimited Remote Support – Help when you need it via our staffed support agents.

If you are thinking that maybe your company needs to hire IT support staff, you may want to consider Managed Services.  Often, this work can be accomplished by our remote agents relieving you of the need to hire more staff.  Please feel free to give us a call with any questions.