Cost Analysis


This is a problem that both large and small companies seem to have.  As business grows or new needs arise, often the old way of doing it was never cancelled.  Months turn into years and the bill continues to be paid.  This multiplies by 10 and before you know it, you are losing a small fortune for services you no longer use.


During my time in the corporate world, I was amazed at how many bills were just rubber stamped for services that were no longer needed, wanted or actually in working order!

There are also many cases where services drop in price but the vendor won’t just call you up and say “Hey, how’d you like to save some money?”

We can go through these bills, tell you what exactly they are for, then work with the vendor to either reduce the costs or eliminate them completely.  Working this process, I was able to save my company over $50,000 in one year.


Don’t underestimate the cost of neglect.