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Services in the cloud. From saving your files offsite for quick disaster recovery, to hosting entire solutions such as your email or voice, cloud services can be a cost effective solution for companies big and small. Today, everything seems to be moving to the cloud. But this is not always the best or only solution for all companies. Yes, it is nice to get rid of equipment or service contracts that come with hosting your solution in house, but there are some caveats to turning your business over to a third party.

How we can help


We can deploy a fully managed, cloud based antivirus solution for your company, and your home.  There is no need for a server and no need to worry about updates.  We do the worrying for you.  We will monitor your clients and let you know if there’s an issue.  Updates are automatic, and if something goes wrong, we have access to US based tech support to fix it.


This may be a new concept to some, but for anyone that has purchased a phone system, or paid the exorbitant maintenance costs associated with aging equipment, this is definitely worth a look.  Cloud based voice is gaining momentum with internet access getting better and better every day.  Ditch the PBX and ask us how this solution is right for you.


I know what you’re saying.  How can the physical devices that I plug my computers into be cloud based?  Good question.  The physical hardware doesn’t go away unfortunately, but the management can.  Let us deploy, manage, and monitor your network all from the cloud.


This one gets a lot of people nervous.  Do I want to put all my sensitive files up in a cloud where people may be able to see them?  These are very valid concerns and one must be careful where they store their documents.  We have alternatives that give you the look and feel of cloud storage while keeping all of your data close and private.