Meraki is a company on the forefront of cloud managed network infrastructure.  They manufacture three primary products in various flavors, network switches, access points and firewalls.

Beyond their robust functionality, the special catch to these devices are the ease of use and setup through a centralized cloud management dashboard.  All of your Meraki devices are visible once connected to the internet and manageable through this interface.  Once difficult tasks such as site to site VPN and content filtering are not only easy but also deployable to other devices in your network.

Management of access points is also simplified through the management console.  Tools included are packet capture as well as layer 7 filtering so blocking unwanted access to your network is much easier than in the past.

Meraki was recently purchased by Cisco.  This is good news for fans of the Meraki line of products as they will now have the backing and support of the network giant to ensure the interoperabilty with your current Cisco gear.

Please call or email for more information on how Meraki can help you and your company.

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