Attend a free Meraki Webinar to Receive a Free MR12 Access Point – $700 value

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Does your company operate out of multiple locations and you need a cost effective way to connect them all?

Is your wireless infrastructure in need of an update and you’d like to manage all access from one spot?

Do you want to take the complexity out of networking and reduce the time to deploy new switches into your enviroment?

Cisco’s Meraki line of products are a perfect solution for all above and more.  I have personally deployed the Meraki MX series of firewalls and created VPN tunnels between all sites in a matter of minutes.  For anyone who has done site to site VPN setups before, they could tell you that this is a major time saver.

All of Meraki’s equipment is manageable from one simple web console.  You can deploy new wireless networks in minutes. You can limit bandwidth to some users while give more to others.  You can even set up automatic failover to a secondary or tertiary internet connection.

As mentioned above, if you participate in an informational webinar, Meraki will give you a MR12 wireless access point(see more here) FREE with a 3 year management license.  The only requirement is that you are an IT professional and only one per company.  Get one, play with it, see how easy it is, then call Neo Dataworks to order more.

Here is the link to sign up for the Webinar:  Sign up for Webinar

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