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Veeam provides state of the art backup and replication software for your virtual environments.  We recently deployed a solution that enables our customer to fail over to their offsite disaster recovery location and have their most critical servers back up and running within minutes.

Veeam uses compression and de-duplication to minimize bandwidth usage and time to make up-to-date copies of your virtual servers and desktops and places them in a standby state anywhere else in the world.  Maintaining operations even through a crisis is important to any business.  Severe or long lasting downtime could mean the end.

If you are already using VMware or Hyper-V to run your company’s server infrastructure, Veeam is the critical solution required to not only easily and quickly backup your servers to hard drive or tape, but also to use more advanced features to protect yourself from any production site disasters that may occur.

Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.