Neo Voiceworks voice solutions can provide you and your company with a complete disaster recovery solution.  With traditional voice systems, your calls are placed on copper circuits, either POTS lines or T1 circuits, both of which have experienced a higher rate of failure lately.  These physical lines are old and not being replaced by the large providers because there is no money in it for them to fix these problems. So you end up paying upwards of $400/month for a circuit that no longer provides the level of reliability that you originally purchased.

Now whether you decide to get rid of the old phone equipment all together or try and ride it out a few more years does not matter.  We have a solution for both cases that will give you outage-proof voice, never to miss a call again.

If you choose to throw out the old, we offer hosted voice.  Our ability to route calls over two separate internet providers will eliminate most of the potential issues.  For the rare cases where you lose both internet circuits or choose to not purchase two, we can have alternate routes for inbound calls to send to another phone, voicemail or even your mobile phone.

If you’d like to keep your equipment and still have the same functionality, we have SIP trunks.  These circuits are provided to your phone system over your existing internet connection.   You can use this circuit for low cost per minute outbound calling as well as routing your inbound voice number to obtain the same high level ability to route inbound calls to different locations if the internet circuit to your location is down.

If you are looking to save money, and whether you are interest in upgrading your equipment or not, Neo Voiceworks has a solution to better your company’s position in the case of a disaster.  Let us discuss which option is best and just how affordable modern voice can be.

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