If you have one location or several, the network plays a key component in your ability to access your resources. VPN, Redundancy, and Security, we can help.


With New Dataworks NDRemote, we can fully support your network devices, manage inventory, maintain patches and much more. Leaving you free to operate your business.


The days of buying server after server to run your business are over. Now, most common services are available in the cloud. From file storage to voice, we can help.


Your website says a lot about your company. If you neglect this part of your advertising plan, your potential customers may look elsewhere.


Do you still use that service? Are you paying more than you should for your internet or phone lines? If you don't know the answers, maybe we should check.


If you have a big IT project coming up, or are in the middle of one that is getting out of control, Neo Dataworks can step in and help manage the process to reduce the pressure and move things along.

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Managed Services

We aim to provide the highest level of service through our managed support. Prices shown below are for Desktop coverage. Please click the "Read More" button to read about Server pricing as well as more details of coverage.

Bronze Coverage
$ 15 /DEV/MO*
Small Business Special
Unlimited Email & Remote Support 8x5
24/7 Monitoring & Alerts
Symantec AV Cloud License
Silver Coverage
$ 30 /DEV/MO*
All Bronze Services Plus:
Phone support 8x5
Patch Mangement
Managed Network & Firewall*
Gold Coverage
$ 45 /USER/MO*
All Bronze & Silver Coverage Plus:
24/7 Emergency Maintenance Support*
Proactive Maintenance & Diagnostics
Comprehensive Reporting